Rhino will crash when running the outdoor airflow simulation with BF

Hi, Guys!

I tried to run an outdoor airflow simulation with Butterfly. My GH file was created based on the case file, and the case file could run correctly on my computer. When I run my GH file, several iterations were calculated and the Rhino crashed.

If the size of my model is too big to be calculated? Any advice will be appreciated.


teachingbuilding.gh (486 KB)

Hi Yi,

I’m not sure if I replies to this question in another discussion or on GitHub. What is the model that you’re trying to run and how many iteration is several iterations?


Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for your reply. the model I tried to run is the gh file in attachments. In fact, the problem had been solved after I rebuilt my gh file, although I don’t know why. For the older gh file, after 50 or 60 iterations it would crash.

right now, I’m facing a new problem. I tried to optimize the maximum value of the wind speed ratio(WSR) in construction area with Galapagos. however, It seems that Galapagos can’t wait to finish all the steps of calculation. In most situations, an individual generated by Galapagos can be calculated its mesh, but its mesh won’t get though the simulation process. Galapagos won’t wait to simulate but carry on with wrong data even if the WSR output will be “Null”.

I wonder that if you were caught in this kind of trouble? Could you give me some advice on this problem? Thank you very much.


teaching0915.gh (460 KB)

Hi @YiLUO I do not think you can connect steady-state CFD simulations to a Galapagos solver in this way. The CFD simulation is only solving the same moment in time at each timestep, refining and improving the solution. What you could possible do is run the study for a small number of iterations and feed the final result to Galapagos, then restart the thing with whatever Galapagos suggests.

Hope this makes sense.

Kind regards,