Room filtering by name

It would be fantastic if it were possible to filter rooms/zones by an attribute and or name.
I know you can retrieve these attributes from these types, and so if a filter element were to be built so that construction sets, schedules and more could be attributed directly without the need for GH tree lacing. If it already exists, can someone please point me in the correct direction. I have implemented my own little python node that does what I need using regex, but if it were a component, that would be better!

There is a means to ‘dynamically create outputs’ in ghpy; if that’s kind of what you mean in terms of not playing around with tree lacing: I might have what you are looking for; will circle back when I find it

Hi @compdesigner-nz, can you give me a more specific example? You should be able to create your own component for this with a few lines of Python or using Grasshopper’s filtering workflows.

In saying this, I now realise that I am using the HB-solveAdj node relatively early in the process… Where would you recommend using this node?
I realise that I can do all of my construction, schedule, load and property attribution before solving the adjacencies and should probably do this solveAdj method just before creating my HB-model rather than where I am currently doing it.

To clarify, I was more meaning doing branch matching when working through the script - I wanted to do one series of manipulations and attribution on branch {0;0} and another lot on branch {0:1}, so on and so forth. Some room types have one set of constructions and properties, and other types of rooms having other types of constructions and properties etc, and I wanted to perform these attribution and manipulation processes separately, rather than merging and exploding trees and branches

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@compdesigner-nz ,

Do you mean something like a Honeybee version of this Dragonfly Room2Ds by Attribute component? If so, this is pretty straightforward to add.

Based on the description in the code you shared:
Separate and group dragonfly Room2Ds by any attribute that the room possesses.
This can be used to group Room2Ds by program, whether rooms are conditioned, etc.

Yes, with the output being a tree structure of the HB-rooms grouped by the required attribute. That way groups can be exploded into respective branches to be operated on independently.

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I think I got a little confused; is what you are wanting to do different than this? (25.1 KB)

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I totally forgot that we already had a Honeybee component for that, @TrevorFedyna . Thank you for catching this. Here’s the detailed documentation for the component if you need it, @compdesigner-nz

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