Room & sensor grid in thick-wall daylight models

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What I understand from HB room concept is that we cannot use it for thick-wall Radiance models which have holes in the walls/roofs for windows/skylights. Is it correct?

On a related note, if we make a daylight model without defining a room (using faces and apertures), the current functionalities for sensor grid generation are quite limited. Do you plan to add a component to make sensor grids and meshes based on surfaces? This will give much more flexbibility to work with or without rooms and get customized sensor grids on different surfaces?

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This is not what you are asking about? No rooms in there.


Thanks @AbrahamYezioro.
Yes, that’s what I mean. But I cannot find that first grid generator (with 4 inputs and 4 outputs) that you are using.

Check the LB tab, group 4 (Extra).

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