Room temperature not well controlled

Hi everyone, I am now modelling a complex mall and want to use an ironbug plugin to create a FCU+DOAS system for my model. After simulating through OSM, I encountered a problem about indoor temperature, and I don’t know how to solve them.

For my conditioned spaces, it seems the cooling/heating sepoints are not well applied to my rooms? My cooling setpoint is set as 26℃ and heating is set as 20℃. However, some zones are only conditioned in summer, and some are only conditioned in winter? But the cooling and heating setpoints cannot be satisfied in the meanwhile. Does anyone know what’s wrong with it? I also attached my cooling and heating setpoint settings below for everyone to check.

For convenience, I attached my GH file and Rhino model (it’s a very large mall, so the model is large, and the modelling and simulation time may take over 10 minutes). If anyone can help me, I’d be very grateful.

GH file and Model: IB model - Google Drive

Hi @Anthony121,

Here are a few things you could check:

  • Is your system hard-sized? if yes, that means your heating system is mostly under sized.
  • How is your system controlled? Do you use single-zone setpoint manager or multi-zone setpoint manager? Single-zone setpoint manager will only control system based on one selected zone, which means the other zones will likely not well controlled if they have different thermal conditions (loads, orientation, wwr, etc).
  • Is there any thing that’s in common of those un-controlled zones? Are they different program type/loads/schedules, such as kitchen vs corridor? Are all zones connected to one system?

Hi Mingbo, thanks for your fast response. My FCU+DOAS system is created according to the ironbug HVACTemplate-01.Simple-Sys11. I just copied and changed the COP of systems, and didn’t change any other setup. For your recommendation, I have checked as below:

  1. I first check the unmet hour for cooling and heating, they are both reported as 0 (This is also something I don’t understand.). My simulation didn’t report any error, thus I think the system is well-sized.

  2. I didn’t change my setpoint manager (actually I don’t know where to change it). My cooling/setpoint input is through the HB program type, and different programs are merged in sequence according to the room branches. Thus I think all the rooms are controlled by their own thermal conditions well. I have tested that if I remove all customized programs and use the default programs, both the cooling/heating setpoints can be achieved. So I’m guessing the problem is with my program settings?

  3. Yes, all zones are connected to one FCU+DOAS system. And it seems all conditioned rooms are not well controlled…

If there is no UnMet hour, everything should work as expected in terms of the simulation settings. Have you checked those un-controlled rooms’ settings such as schedules for heating and occupancy? Do they look correct?

If all settings are expected, could you try to build a small sample model with a couple rooms and test your workflow? If the issue remains, could you share your sample model?