Room with an open window

Am I able to tell GH or HB that the room has no window or any glazing, if so? Which component does it and how?
Here is an image to illustrate what I mean.



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For energy simulation you need a closed Brep for each zone. I haven’t tried it myself but if you need a surface to represent an open area you can assign a glass material close to air to surface and use setAirflow component to set the airflow to be very high all the time.


I’m trying to simulate the same room with shading device called Mashrabiyah front of the opening.
Because of the Mashrabiya is projected shading device, it has a standing area behind it. So, it has to take into account the daylight calculation.

Here is the Mashrabiya (projected shading device)

Here is what is behind the Mashrabiya

What do you recommend me Mostapha to do? Do I need to create an open window with the component you mentioned it and then adding the the shading device, or create 2 zones; one for the room and another one for the shading device?

I will think of having a window that is open all the time.
Nice pictures.

Thanks A.
But, I’m still in struggle how to assign an open window! Have you seen any video tutorial relate it to that?

Can anyone tell me where the problem is?
I’ve been trying to create an open window (no glazing) and the result has no daylight comes through the window at all!!! Any suggestion?

Also, I uploaded gh file.

Open Window (539.5 KB)

Hi @rsalelwani,

There is no opening area in your geometry, it’s closed.
Open Window (548.2 KB)

Hi @OmidmRashidi,
Would you mind telling me how to create the opening?
Even though I used “Solid Difference Component”, it’s still closed!!!

Your model needs to be a closed BREP as Mostapha mentions above. In the set airflow component change your fraction of glzAreaOperable and heightOperable to 1 (100%). And put a constant opening area fractional schedule.


It’s a closed BREP. See the image that what you and Mostapha mean?

You provided an open brep (geometry) before capping, Here is the open geometry without glazing as you want.



Do you mean I have to use an open BREP instead of a closed BREB?


  1. If you want to run the daylight simulation with no glazing, Yes, This is an option you can use.

  2. If you have in mind to analyze a zone or close Brep including glazing you can set custom Rad Window material _Transmittance(s) to 1.0 and refractiveIndex_ to 1.0 that represent the air properties.


你可以参考 (507.7 KB)

Thanks OmidmRashidi! I did what you said and the issue’s resolved.