Rooms/zones in a building


I am looking make this into a energy model of an office floor with interior rooms, corridor, core etc. Most with different construction sets and programmes. I have tried making a room from solid for each room then solve adjacency which works for two of the walls, the rest are still exterior walls.

Also have been watching this to make zones instead, 2 - Honeybee Energy Modeling- HB Zones from Masses Part1: Mass2Zones - YouTube,

but I cant seem to find Honeybee masses2zones after making the breps.

Is there be a better way to do this? There are also concrete shear walls in the space, with curtain wall/shade screen on the facade


Hi @armitamatt,

This video uses the legacy version (old)
In the new version it is called “HB room from sollid”
You probably have installed the newer version LBT 1.5
This comes with a set of exemple files.
Her you can find the new workflows:


Hi @Erikbeeren

Thanks for the message. Ive used the creation workflows script which will work