Rotating glazing based on ratio models

Hi guys,




Any transformation MUST be applied BEFORE you get to HB components. See attached.

Don’t see any issue with the visualization on my side.

-A. (569 KB)

Okay, thanks Abraham.

Hey Abraham, I keep tripping up over these components; Run Energy Simulation; Generate EP Output. Attached to your files as May 31st and June 7th versions respectively. But when I download the latest HB (just now) I get Run ES May 31st with no HBGenerators input; and Generate EP Feb_01_2015 not Jun_07_2015 - so this component is generally not working now. You can see the latest versions I can get on the PDF attached and I assume the same for all. Or is it? R.

HB Generators.pdf (878 KB)

For some reason the rhino file dissapeared for download (you probably deleted it). The file i uploaded doesn’t have the geometry internalized … and i also deleted all fiules from my computer.

So … can’t check properly your question. I’ve just updated the file. Also reinserted a couple of components 9and left the previous, so you can tell what i did).

Hope it runs well on your side. If don’t upload a file with geometry internalized.

-A. (569 KB)

This is the results of a new part of the development. Is this problem re-solved?

Yes thanks. Abraham set me right.