Rotation of a BSDF material

Hi All,
Is there any way to rotate the direction of a BSDF material based on a variable in HB+?
I assigned a BSDF material (shading) to a rotating surface, but it seems the direction of the material does not change by the rotation of the surface.
Now, I am wondering how to link the direction of the rotating surface with the direction of the material, constantly.

Thank you,

Hi Mohammad,

Always check the up vector for your window surface in the scene files. You can find useful information here:


Hi @fazel.ganji !
Thank you for the answer.
The up-vector is set correctly for both of the window and the shading.
I am going to assign a BSDF shading material to a dynamic facade. The shading (the whole shading system, not the slats) has a constant pivotal rotation in front of the window surface. Something like this picture:

Now, I do not know how to define the rotation for the assigned BSDF material.
Not sure if up-vector can do this.

Hi @Mohammad
If you read the above post carefully, your solution is there too and altering the up vector will work for you.

Heads up! If you run 3-phase or 5-phase method: check both up vector definition in glw.rad file #@rfluxmtx h=kf u=-1.0,0.0,0.0 AND _up_vec_ input to set up the vector for BSDF material.

Before running each simulation you should overwrite the file first and then run.

Best, Fazel