Run all - slider animation - how to break the loop


based on Mostapha’s Honeybee-Tutorial I built up a slider animation, combined with the RUNALL-component. And it works perfectly.

But even the list item’s wrap-boolean is set to “false” once the slider animation runs it never stops, it continues in eternal loops.

How is it possible, that after all sets have been processed, the animation/simulation stops?

Thanks in advance to all,



I don’t seem to have a problem when I run your file. The computer stops after 24 simulations.

To be clear, I assume you understand that it cycles through all possible combinations of your sliders, giving 3x4x2=24 simulations, and the top slider (WWR%) will appear to loop many times in order to provide the different combinations of Trans_G and months?

I think the problem that Daniel is talking about happens when he is done with the first round and then making some changes to the file which triggers the loops again. If that is the case please use a button and not a boolean toggle to the component. That should solve the problem.