Run energy plus failing to create a .csv (Windows batch file created and original .IDF is there

Hi all,

as above,
when I toggle to run EnergyPlus after I have created a .IDF, the “result file address” components states that there is no file to read (it is right, there isnt!) it gives every indication that the analysis is complete, however no files are created (no .CSV, no .RDD, no .HTML, just a very small windows batch file (1KB)

I have attached the script and model for quick review - very confusing as it appears to run, however there is no pop up terminal window.

the .IDF created file can be run within E+ separately with no issue, so I am fairly happy that that works.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

for some reason i cannot upload the Rhino model - maybe too big?

Room testing (891.5 KB)

AlecGH test (1.0 MB)