Run EP simulation is missing from new HB-Energy tab

Hi @chris,

Today, I tried working on the new version of HB. I could develop the energy model from the components in HB and HB-Energy tabs with ease. But, while trying to run the simulation, I could find only the HB Annual loads component which doesn’t have options to generate custom outputs.

I even tried to bringing Run Energy Simulation component from legacy version, but it has thrown error with the message “Type conversion failed from Goo to Brep”

I just want to understand whether few components are missing at end or any other approach provided which I couldn’t discover.

Thanks in advance


Hi Naga,
You can use HB Model to OSM component in order to request custom outputs.
Hb simulation output > HB Simulation parameter > sim_par on HB Model to OSM

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Hey @Naga. You can check this post for more insight about the component.

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Hi @devang,
Thank you soo much for sharing the way-forward.
As I was more into IDF, I didn’t check the HB Model to OSM component and sorry for that.

Thank you @chris, @mostapha and team for launching the advanced version of HB which eased my efforts to use the EnergyPlus Python Plugin with Honeybee components.