Running a 3-Phase simulation with an 2305 patch sky (Reinhart)


I am in the process of trying to calculate the direct sunlight in a room as I need to use it to determine when my solar shading should be active according to IES lM 83-12. But have some issues running this with a 2305 patch sky (Reinhart). I know gendaymtx must use -m 4 to achieve this, but when I run with this input, an error occurs in dctimestep. While if running with -m 1, there is no problem. Have read the manuals but can not find anything about how to run gendaymtx with -m 4 in the 3-Phase calculation.

The Script is from a bat file and is runned in a Windows system.


xform -m black C:\IES\Scene\RoomGeo%name%__GEO.rad > C:\IES\Scene\RoomGeo%name%_Room.rad

oconv -f C:\IES\Scene\Materials\materialBlack.rad C:\IES\Scene\RoomGeo%name%_Room.rad > C:\IES\Scene\Octs%name%.oct

rfluxmtx -v -I+ -ab 1 -ad 5000 -lw 0.0002 -n 4 -y 66 - C:\IES\Scene\WindowRads%name%__WGroup.rad -i C:\IES\Scene\Octs%name%.oct < C:\IES\Scene\pts%name%.pts > C:\IES\Matrices%name%.vmx

rfluxmtx -v -ff -ab 0 -ad 1000 -lw 0.001 -c 1000 -n 4 MF=4 C:\IES\Scene\WindowRads%name%__WGroup.rad C:\IES\Scene\Skies\skyglow.rad -i C:\IES\Scene\Octs%name%.oct > C:\IES\Matrices%name%.dmx

gendaymtx -m 4 C:\IES\Scene\epw_wea\Copenhagen.wea > C:\IES\Matrices%name%.smx

dctimestep C:\IES\Matrices%name%.vmx C:\IES\Matrices\TMX\LOWE__3Layer__PXN.xml C:\IES\Matrices%name%.dmx C:\IES\Matrices%name%.smx | rmtxop -fa -t -c 47.4 119.9 11.6 - > C:\IES\Results%name%.ill

Hope anyone have any idea on how to solve this :slight_smile:

Hi @rn,

What is the error message in dctimestep?
Can you share the content of skyglow.rad?

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Hey, your note on the skyglow let be to find the error that the skyglow file needs to have an input that defines that it is -m 4 Reinhart 2305 patch sky. But regarding this discovery, do you know how to input that in a grasshopper (Honeybee PLUS) scenario. Right now, I can do the simulation in Radiance. But I am wondering if there is an option in honeybee PLUS. I can only find the option to change from Tregenza sky to Reinhart, but not to define the number of sky patches.

I have just been on holiday, so sorry for the late response.

Hi @rn,

If you set _density to 4 you will get the sky discretization that you want. This density value is equal to the MF/m parameter in your first post.

It makes sense read it as only 1 and 2 that were an option on the component.

Thanks for the help

I put that as a check to avoid cases where the result files are going to be really large. You can remove the check from the code and higher values should work just fine for running the simulation. Loading the results might become really slow though.