Running Butterfly file direct in OpenFoam (Change Nº of processors)


I am using OpenFOAM 5.x mingw-w64 with the following workflow:
Case setup with Butterfly and then run the simulation directly in OpenFoam through blueCFD Core 2017 terminal.
However, even specifying in Butterfly that the number of processors would be 4, when running directly in OpenFoam only 1 processor has been used.

Does someone please know what should I do in order to make OpenFoam run with more than only 1 processor?

I appreciate the help! =)

If you set multi processors in Butterfly, it will run parallel automately.
If you run openfoam using blueCFD terminal, you should konw some commands about OpenFOAM.
Here is the reference tutorial for you.

Hi @minggangyin,
you are right. At Butterfly it was running in parallel already.
The challenge was to do the same at the terminal, but with your help it worked as well.
Thank you very much! =)