Running continuous simulation in Honeybee

Hi all,
If I add a list of input variables, can I run the consecutive simulations in Honeybee energy?
For example, I add ventilation ACH = [0,1,2,3]. Can I run the simulation by single click and save the corresponding results?

Hi meftah416,

I have never done that with an energy model. But I can provide my idea to this type of task:

You can use Calibri in TTToolbox, or Ladybug_fly if you use Legacy.
They allow you to run simulations one after another back to back.

One thing you need to take care of is to set up unique names/folders for each of the runs, to make sure your energy model result doesn’t rewrite itself.



Thank you for your kind response.
I do not use legacy. I am curious that I can not find Colibri/Calibri tools in the TT Toolbox. I installed two different versions.

Thanks. I installed a different version of TTtool and found Colibri. I can now run multiple simulations. I am now seeking to implement a Python script to redo the process. Thank you again.

Hi, @meftah416
You can try Eppy package for Python.

scripting language for E+, Energyplus Eppy is a scripting language for EnergyPlus idf files, and EnergyPlus output files. Eppy is written in the programming language Python. As a result it takes full advantage of the rich data structure and idioms that are available in Python. You can programmatically navigate, search, and modify EnergyPlus idf files using eppy.

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Thank you for sharing.