Running Daylight Simulations in Parallel LBT 1.6

Hi everyone,

I’ve been diving into parametric thermal simulation lately and loving how much faster it gets when setting up the simulation cases first and then running them all in parallel using “HB Run OSW”.

Now, I’ve got another challenge: I want to integrate daylight simulations into the script. I’m wondering if there’s a similar way to run daylight simulations in parallel. I am aware that Pollination can do this, but unfortunately, I don’t have the resources for cloud computing at the moment.

If anyone has some tips on Python or batch approaches for running daylight simulations in parallel, I’d be really grateful!

Thanks in advance, you all!

Daylight simulation recipes have a built in parallelization routine. Unless your model is very small and you have a computer with several CPUs, it probably makes sense to run the studies one at a time and use all the resources for that simulation.

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