Running energy simulation for multiple cases

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with the IDF files that Honeybee writes. Right now when I open up the idf files in EP, the parameters are not set correctly as I defined using “setEPZoneLoads” component. Though the outputs of that component seems to be correct, as you can see in the image below. Output of the loads is a list of different analysis cases(each with certain parameters) and then each branch contains all the zones of the building, which makes sense. When I connect such list to “runEnergySimulation” and check the written files in EPlaunch I see for all cases the internal loads are not changing as it is supposed to. so all the idf files are the same.
To track the problem I’ve simplified my file and I’ve used a box with 5 zones instead of my building and have removed glazing, schedules and etc. trying to get 6 different idf files, based on different zone loads.
I really appreciate if anybody can help me out!


test (552.5 KB)

It seems the “setEPZoneLoads” is causing the problem. The output from “loads” looks fine, but
I guess the output from “HBzones” are not defined properly. Both generated files are using the first item in the connected list as people per area parameter.
Here is a more simplified Gh file. I’ll appreciate if @mostapha or @chris can take a look at it.
test (539.6 KB)

Thanks a lot!