Running energy simulations in parallel with SDK

Want to ask how to run parallel simulations using the SDK commands.
I am acknowledge of the run_function_in_parallel class but it is dependent of the ladybug_rhino.grasshopper library.
Going to run on the cloud where Rhino is not installed, so this library wont be available.


Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

This is a good question. The run_function_in_parallel method is using some methods that are specific to IronPython/.NET/C# and so they cannot easily be used in cPython (the usual Python build that runs outside of Rhino). To run things in parallel in cPython, you’ll likely have to use some modules that are specifically designed for it like multiprocessing. Stackoverflow has an example of how to do this here.

Also note that recipes always run in parallel when possible but this is simple achieved by running each command of the recipe with a spearate worker.