Running several E+ simulations at a time?

Hi All!

As a quick question for Chris and Mostapha, and anyone else who knows, I am trying to run a parametric iteration study, but it is going to take a long time for them all to run if it can only run one energy and daylight simulation at a time.

Is there a way to run the idfs created as a group run like what energyplus launcher can do with native energyplus?

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Not with the current interface of Honeybee. It will wait for each simulation to be over and then runs the next simulation. If you don’t wait for the simulation to be over then the resultReader component will fail.

There are of course solutions to run files in parallel, and then post process the results. Is this what you’re looking for?


Hi Mostapha, thanks for the reply!

Yeh, I’d like to create a bunch of the files and then process the results afterwards. Is there a short tutorial or example file of this process working which I could work through?

A good example to start is how honeybee does it for Daylighting (…).

Vinu has the same issue apparently. Maybe you should team up for this one.

I think a good approach would be adding this option to “Honeybee_Re-run IDF” component. It already does create a batch file for a single file. You only need to make it work for multiple files.


Yes, I will share when I figure it out, if you would like to collaborate Elzine shoot me an email @

Hi Vinu and Elzine,

I can create this functionality for you if you like. Let me know if you would like me to code this for you both.



Hi Anton,

That would be great if you could code it! Do we need to give any other details?


Hi Anton!

I’m literally just learning python coding so if you are already able to code this then that would be great! My university has a processing lab of computers which they are giving me access to to run the parametric study and fully use honeybee/ladybug. I do feel like I need to get my head around coding to better understand it as my supervisor is having me do demo’s of the program for other students and external consultants to introduce them to the capabilities of parametric design! Exciting times, but having this ability would greatly help the practicality of it within research for sure.

Much appreciated if you are able to do this!

Hi Elize and Vinu,

Sorry for not getting back sooner I will have a crack at this tonight by adding the functionality that Mostapha suggested to the Honeybee_Re-run IDF component. Could either you and Vinu make an example file for me to test this component on?

Some things might be easier on Skype my time is anton.szilasi I’m in Portugal at the moment but moving to US central time in the next month to 6 weeks.

Hi Anton,

Sorry for the late reply, was in a workshop. I could skype next week, will you be in US by then? I live in pacific time. We could arrange a time to skype!

Hi Vinu,

I’ve already created the component post a group run example file here and I’ll test it with your example file. before I release the component.

Hi Vinu

Where abouts in the pacific are you?

I am currently making up a quick little parametric example to post on for Anton, just testing if the parametric works currently but will have it up soon.

Hi Anton,

Apologies for the late reply on this, I have been trying to sort out some parametric runs. Please find attached a quick example file of some parameters set up to run parametrically. I have only joined 2 up to the mysliders component to make it quicker.

Simply just want to see if you can make it create all the idfs and then run them all in parallel to each other - instead of having to wait for one to finish before the next can begin.


Elzine (575 KB)
userCustomEPLibrary.idf (25.8 KB)

Hi Elize,

I’ve looked at your file two questions.

  • Is each branch of the data tree coming out of the Set EP Zone construction component meant to be one EnergyPlus simulation?

  • Are the names are varied in the concatenate function accordingly?

Hi Anton,

Here’s a simple model, I have put some question inside that I was not able to figure out. Right now the schedules are simple as I just want to know how to run everything parallel.

Thank you for the help!

Vinu (787 KB)

Hi Elzine,

I live in Vancouver, its good to know that you are working on daylight simulation, I am working on human comfort, currently focusing more on thermal comfort and later might consider other comfort parameters.


Hi Vinu,

I am working on both, focusing on mainly how they could be coupled together to provide feedback on how sensitive the parameters which we use to test the performance are using human comfort critieria. Honeybee obviously is amazing at being able to assess both, but I may do some tests to check the simplification of models and their use for accurate daylight simulations…


Hi Anton,

I have set up the file so that it would be able to run one E+ simulation. The parametric input part uses Mostapha’s iteration process to change one parameter at a time and then run the new E+ simulation.

  • The Set EP Zone construction component is overwriting the constructions set to the surfaces from the building program template for each type (wall, floor, roof, etc). This component is just editing the constructions in other words and continuing the workflow to eventually run a simulation. If you have a look at one of the parametric inputs that I want to vary, you could see that I am changing the wall construction parametrically. The keywords need to be different to pull up the write construction from the library that I have created in the userCustomLibrary.idf

  • The concatenate function allows the naming of the files for the parametric input that has been changed. So when you first run a simulation, the name of the file is what the current inputs are set to. If you then animate the sliders, manually or using myslider component, then the file name will change when the parameter changes. This is simply a way to make sure no data is being overwritten.

Looks like this discussion is still open. I attach a file that runs a list of batch files in parallel in background. Honeybee already generates a batch file inside the folder once you generate the geometries. If you connect the list of batch files to this component it should run them in parallel.

to find the batch files you can use os.listdir() and filter the files. Check Honeybee_Lookup folder for an example. (7.34 KB)

Hi Vinu,

Really sorry for the delay in my reply I have been very sick this last week. Since Mostapha has made a component that will run IDFs in parallel I haven’t attached my own component here as it is under construction. However I’ve added your GH file with notes about the questions you asked.