Running solution directly in openfoam from the script - tutorial

Hi all,
Could someone please refer me to a tutorial on how to run a case directly on the open foam? I know that butterfly writes scripts after every step of the simulation (wind tunnel, blockMesh, snappy hexMesh, etc). I would like to run the solution directly from the openfoam, but I don’t know how and which file should I run.

My problem is that after running snappy hexMesh for several hours (it always took a very long time because I set in a high refinement level), the grasshopper goes not-responding, thus I can’t continue the simulation from the grasshopper. However, the writing process (cmd) is still continuing and I hope I can run the case directly using that file. Could someone please introduce me to some tutorial related to this? I am browsing Youtube but still could not find the suitable one.

Thank you very much.
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I am looking for the same tutorial. Do you find how to do it? thank you.