Running time of Urbanopt and Openstudion for urban energy modeling

Hi guys. Recently I tested dragonfly example “from building solid” and compare the running time of Urbanopt and openstudio.

I discoverd the running time of two is almost same.
Urbanopt:58.1 min
Openstudio:1.0 hour

Is this correct for this example? Should Urbanopt used less time than Openstudio?

Hey @minggangyin ,

Yes, the two simulation pathways are both using OpenStudio/EnergyPlus under the hood so I would expect them to be pretty similar. I know that URBANopt’s parallelization originally wasn’t quite as good as the .NET methods that underlie the “Run OSW” component but they are now really similar and I tend to use the URBANopt component just because it gives me fewer batch windows to manage and I can set it up with fewer components.

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