Running URBANopt in a different directory

Hi there,

I am interested in running my simulation model in a different directory (in a high-speed attached portable storage) than the C:\Users.…\simulation due to some storage logistic challenge.

I can easily change the location of the DF model to geoJSON location by ‘folder’, however, when I run the simulation I will get the following error:

[openstudio.WorkflowJSON] <2> Path ‘E:/Sim1/run/honeybee_scenario/bank_1/in.osw’ is not a WorkflowJSON fileD:\OSN\src\utilities\filetypes\WorkflowJSON.cpp@72 : Path ‘E:/Sim1/run/honeybee_scenario/bank_1/in.osw’ is not a WorkflowJSON file

in the run log file

[E is my portable storage]
[I do not have storage D in my system !!]

I would appreciate it if you could kindly let me know how I can tackle the challenge.

Thank you very much in advance.


Here is an update to my ticket.

The challenge is now completely solved:)
The issue was the installed directory of the openstudio, which has to be in the directory of the ladybug. Otherwise, the simulation just runs in the …/user/simulation which is the default directory and will not work in case you have a processing server with storage somewhere else.

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Here is another update to ticket.

If you are using a portable partition to write the simulation results, that partition should be granted full control by the user. To do so, first, the disk needs to be formatted by NTFS structure. Then clicking on the properties, security tab, then advanced, then granting full control by changing the permissions. After that, your portable partition is ready to be written by the simulation results.