RunOSM Measures

I am attempting to run an Energy Plus measure to adjust an .idf file and my set up is like this:

There is an input for measures in the ModelToOSM component, but none in the RunOSM. I need to set it up this way rather than having the ModelToOSM component do the simulation as well so I can use the Ironbug Save to File. What I am finding is that the measure has no effect. But it works in OSM natively, so I am guessing that the measure does not get translated to the model by the time it gets to the RunOSM component. Is there a way to add measures to the RunOSM component?

Hey @Elliot_Glassman ,

I guess you are running some Measure that affect the Ironbug HVAC or something like that.

There are ways of hacking the “Run OSM” component to do this but, given that you’re a Pollination user, the easiest way to get around this right now would probably be to just run the simulation with the Custom Energy Sim recipe since this can accept an OSM as input and it will apply the Measures for you as part of the simulation. You can set it up so that it runs the recipe locally if you’re looking for an experience that’s close to the native Ladybug Tools plugin.

Thanks Chris. I am trying that now, but I get the following error from the Pollination component:

  1. Failed to find path argument c:\users\useg03905\appdata\local\temp\1c05ed

The file path does exist and contains the measure and .osw

Seems like it occurs when I try to run it locally, but not when I do it in the cloud.

Thanks for reporting, @Elliot_Glassman ,

This seems to be a bug in the Pollination Grasshopper plugin with regards to local runs of recipes with folder inputs. I am able to recreate the issue just using this simple Add_EV_Load measure: (34.8 KB)

You’re correct that the folder exists and has all of the necessary files in it:

@MingboPeng can confirm for sure and I’m assigning the issue to him.

Sounds good.

What would be the best way to hack the RunOSM component in the meantime? I made some attempts but no luck.

Hi @Elliot_Glassman, I am able to locate the bug and just fixed it.
There will be a new version of Pollination plugin tonight.


Thank you, Mingbo! Appreciate the help like always