Runtime error (KeyNotFoundException): KeyError


I’m experiencing an error with run EP component in Honeybee - Please refer the image below. I think it is something related EP wall construction as the error appears when I plug in a customized materials…(but a customized window material worked fine…). Does anyone have experience run into this error before? Please let me know!

"10. Runtime error (KeyNotFoundException): KeyError

  1. Traceback:
    line 2145, in main, “<string>”
    line 2367, in script
    line 1097, in EPMaterialStr, “<string>” "

I’m also attaching my Rhino and GH file. Any help would be much appreciated.


reference_1.3dm (64.4 KB) (673 KB)


You put an ENTER in the panel where you were assigning the material properties:

Once you delete this, it works.

-Chris (661 KB)