Runtime errors (pythonexeption) while using ironbug templates

While using sys11 fan coil units + DOAS I receive the following error:

I’ve uploaded the script and simplified to one zone (52.9 KB)
Thanks in advanced for your help and guidance.

Hmm. Did you check to make sure the input list for OSM files is not empty?

@mostapha I checked the paths again and realized that they needed full path WITH file extensions to properly write, now I’ve just got some proper ironbug debugging since the simulation, while terminating due to errors, is running now :smile: and I can start debugging the script since the simulation is running

@mostapha Looking more in-depth into the error message; it looks like im still getting the same exception, which looking through the code isn’t making much sense to me

Hi @TrevorFedyna, these are real errors that cause the failure. It mostly looks like there are some “Coil:Cooling:Water” objects are not connected to both water loop and air loop at the same time.

If it is hard to debug in Grasshopper, you can use the OpenStudio Application to check each HVAC loop and to find if there are any water-based coils that aren’t connected correctly. All water-based coils must be connected to both water-side and air-side at the same time.

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Hi @MingboPeng Thanks for your reply!
I checked the heating and cooling coils for connectivity to water and air loop and they are already connected:

I’ll check openstudio app like you suggested to see what is going on.

I see you are using the fan coil units, have you checked all coils there, not only in DOAS?

@mingbo I checked in the openstudio application and everything seems fine
Air loop:
Chilled water loop
Hot water loop

Everything seems fine but I noticed when going to the geometry viewer
there is no model, could this be related to the issues being had?

I’ve checked the coils for the FCU in grasshopper (could not find them in openstudio) and they are connected to demand as applicable and to the OS zone equipment input and seem to be hooked up correctly. (57.9 KB)

You didn’t add the new Ironbug HVAC to Honeybee Room. (76.3 KB)


Woops! I should have known facepalm Thank you!

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