Saturday bonus: Spider gbXML Gallery for OpenStudio

Browse a ton of gbXML files in a jiffy

This project was started because of a bug in Spider gbXML Viewer for OpenStudio as reported in the NREL site here:

I started by manually adding buttons with links for test here in the ‘uncompiled’ version

But then realized I would also have to manually add buttons with links to the ‘compiled’ version. And I also wanted to test the viewers on all the files currently available.

And that is how this was born:

Spider gbXML Gallery


  • Automagically find all the repositories (up to 100) belonging to a GitHub user or organization
  • Three organizations are pre-selected
    • NREL
    • Ladybug Tools
    • GreenBuildingXML
  • Display the list of repo names in the menu
  • When you click on a repo name, the script;
    • Finds all XML files in the GitHub repository
    • Lists the folder names and filenames for all the files found
    • For each file displayed there are three choices
      1. Click any icon to view raw source code on GitHub.
      2. Click the name to view the file in 3D
        • Note: Tooltips provide file size.
      3. Click the ❐ icon to open the file in Spider gbXML Viewer “Maevia”
  • All ‘heavy’ work in is carried out by the GitHub Developer API

If you run the script many times you may run into GitHHub API rate limits. Let us know and we will add the needed fixes.


  • Search through many gbXML files quickly
  • Find the file you need easily
  • Spot simple errors on the fly
  • Invoke a more powerful editor with a single click

To Do / Wish List

  • 2019-09-21 ~ Theo ~ Add input box so you can type in the names of any GitHub user or organization
  • 2019-09-21 ~ Theo ~ Build a nicer version of the viewer. Work on mobile. Show levels. And so on
  • 2019-09-21 ~ Theo ~ press spacebar to go to next file