Schedule for operative ceiling

Hi there,

I know there is a way to add a schedule for windows and fins. But I am wondering that is there any way to add a schedule for some custom shape? For example, this operative roof when it is fully closed during the day time, it is a well-insulated wall, and when it is open, it becomes an open window. I considered using the honeybee window generator to simulate this condition. Maybe I can apply this roof material to the shade material and set the window as an air wall, then when it keeps closing, it will act as a well-insulated roof and when it is opening it will allow heat to radiate to the sky.
Any suggestion is appreciated!

@Ziao ,

E+ is not built to do a radiation calculation from interior surfaces to the sky. The best approximation I can suggest is to use a highly-insulated opaque glazing material for the roof and switch it out for a highly conductive one using the same method used to assign electrochromic glazing in this example. Note that you should plug in your schedule for opening the ceiling into that component as well as the highly conductive glazing material for the shadeMaterial.

For the convective heat exchange, which is likely to be the larger factor here, I would recommend using the Custom Wind and Stack option on the Set EP Airflow component as you see in this example. You will probably want to break the total airflow calculation down into two components (one for the opening on each side). You can use the height of the opening to inform the stack component and the orientation of it as the in the windowAngle2North, such that you correctly compute the wind-driven cross ventilation.