Schedule & type is null

when I run the simulation of my model with the “exportToOpenStudio” component the simulation gives me an error
“1. Solution exception: openstudio :: model :: Schedule & type is null”.
Can someone help me solve it, please? Thank you

I created my HBzones with the surface by surface method and to some of them I assigned air wall type and material.

If I run only one zone I have no problems, but if I run a simulation of adjacent zones I get an error. If I remove the air wall features all the simulations run without errors.

I think it’s due to the air walls, but I can’t explain why.

You should check the best practices of posting a question on the forum here:

Thanks for your reply Abraham. I read the guidelines as suggested and then I attach the .gh file. It’s correct? I hope someone can help me. (875.3 KB)

The file works for me. I updated it to last versions of LB_HB. Uploaded here.
Just disconnected the constructions since i don’t have them and Keep the constructions in the setAdjacencies component.
-A. (899.4 KB)

Thanks Abraham, I installed the latest version of LB (0.0.69) and HB (0.0.66) and I ran your file but on my computer it keeps giving me the same error. I use Open Studio 2.5.0.

Wonder which OpenStudio are you using?

I apologize for the late reply. I use Open Studio 2.5.0 because this was the recommended version.