sDA and ASE calculation

hi This is Tejas , I was trying to get he ASE and sDA values using Honeybee plus components ,but i couldn’t get the results . can anyone please help me with this error.

@Teja5zz hello, have you checked your surface normal of test surface.

Yes But he ASE values are zero

Please upload your gh file to check.
Here I am attaching the file

can you please help me with sDA calculation

I analysed that you have to update to the latest version of ASE and SDA components (HB&HB+). Can you please update and try to run again.

thank you very much I’ll try to update and run the simulations.

I am getting an error when i tried to update the components , can you please help

What error, can you share the error message or you can download the new update component from here

thanks, This worked for me/

Hello, I am getting a problem similar to this. I would love some feedback!

Can you be more specific and share your file.

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Yes of course!

I have added a link to my problem, all add it again:

if you’re using Honeybee Plus components , please update them to the latest version available.

I did but it still didnt work. It is the runRadiance component that keeps giving me an error. @Teja5zz