sDA and ASE using Honeybee+

Hello all,

I’m using the honeybee+ tools to run sDA and ASE values. From what I read, only the DC and 5-phase recipes have direct sun contribution and therefore can be used for the ASE calculation. However i’m running into some problems where my run_radiance is failing. It says that it fails to load results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! (596.4 KB)

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Is there a particular reason you’re using Honeybee+ for ASE? This ecipe from @chris is also does the same thing.

Oh Thanks! I didn’t see this before.

I tried running this with my EPW, but there is no value direct normal illuminance… is this normal? I have direct normal radiation, but for illuminance values they are all zeros…

I am not sure why that is the case. Which weather station are you using?

The Taipei Taiwan EPW