sDA calculation error

hello when I try to plot I am getting this error.

and can anyone help with the ASE calculation please

@Teja5zz This issue is something about the result visualization.not about sDA calculation. It remind you that the result is not suitable for the mesh. Please upload your file for further discussion.

here I’m attaching the files

Hi,@Teja5zz Your model worked fine on my computer. You can try to re-run the simulation.

thank you very much , I’ll run the simulations again.

I am getting the result for UDI,DA,CDA except sDA. I’m getting the same error


  1. length of the results [=1] is not equal to the number of mesh faces [=140] or mesh vertices[=165].

@Teja5zz Please check the vertices and faces of the testMesh and the length of the result.

@Teja5zz sDA is different from other aforementioned indices such as UDI, DA, CDA. it is just a number not a list of numbers, so you can not expect visual output for it.