Seasonal Schedule issue

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first time for me on the new forum that looks great!
I’m trying to use the latest “seasonal Schedule” but I get an error and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. The error that I get is:

  1. Solution exception:unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘str’ and ‘NoneType’

I attach the link because I couldn’t upload the file as “new user”.

I also tried to connect the schedule output instead of the week schedule output, this way I don’t get an error in the Seasonal Schedule component but the I get a blank schedule in the simulation.

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I don’t know how you can solve this but the reason for the error is that weekSchedule output generate None values.

@AntonelloDiNunzio, @chris or @AbrahamYezioro should know why this is happening and how to solve it.

Looks like there’s a small typo in the code, outputting the name to weekSchdeule instead of weekSchedule. (516.1 KB)

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You are using a VERY old version of the components (2015).
In the attached i updated one of the groups, so you can see it works fine. You need to update the other one.
-A. (527.1 KB)

Hi all and thank you for the quick reply!
Actually Abraham I resumed working on an old file and I used both the automatic updater and a manual check to avoid having outdated component in the file but obviously I missed the annual schedules!
Now I have updated everything but I still have a problem with the seasonal schedule (overlapping days). I used the “winter schedule” as the base week schedule (to have a starting and an ending analysis period with its values), and then I added three different seasonal schedules (spring, summer and fall). The overlapping days seems to be at the beginning of the year, where the Seasonal Schedule component seems to take the ending date (end Month 6, End Day 20-1=19) instead of the starting date (start Month 3, Start Day 21-1=20) of the first analysis period to end the first period, so that it is: 1/1 -> 6/19 (instead of 3/20).

here is the link to the new schedule file:

Just opened your file, set the boolean to True and it works … what can i say?
Doesn’t work for you?


Yes obiously it “works” because I don’t get an error on the component, but its results has overlapping days and then I get a severe error when running the simulation.

Here I highlighted what i think could be the overlapping days problem in the schedule output as I mentioned earlier :

and this is the error that I get when running the simulation that I think is related to the overlapping days in the season schedule component:

thanks again for looking into this!

I suggest next time upload a simplified file with the full issue happening.
Attached one like this with your schedules definition.

As for the issue itself. In the attached i don’t get any severe error. Moreover, it runs “fine”. The thing is that there are a couple of bugs. @AntonelloDiNunzio, which is the author of many of the schedules components will be able to fix them easily (i hope). I looked at the code but don’t have the time to solve it.
What the bugs are?

  1. In the GH panel the analysis period of the _baseWeekSched is wrongly calculated. Say you defined the Winter schedule as the basis and the Spring schedule period from month 3 to 6. The component is supposed to calculate the analysis period of the Winter Schedule from months 1 to 3 but it does from 1 to 6 (like instead of taking the first month of the spring it took the second).
  2. Even though the schedIDFText output shows the problem above the real idf file shows something different. In this case the Spring time is only one day.
    You can see both issues in the image below.

I suggest you open an issue in github.

In the meantime you can create your own schedules using native GH components and the HB_csvSchedule component.

-A. (952.8 KB)

The whole file on which I was working (upgrading and testing new components on an older file) is here:

as I was getting another error with the Export to Open Studio component “1. Solution exception:need more than 2 values to unpack” I continued using the Energy Plus launcher with which I’m more familiar, but now I see that this component has been removed from the latest updates so I guess I must stop using it and switch to the Open studio Exporter… too bad I’m not that familiar with Open Studio…

As regards my “seasonal schedule problem”
Probably with export to Open Studio component the error of the schedule is automatically “corrected” (leaving only one day of spring, from a syntax error to a logic error) using instead the component that directly launches Energy plus the overlapping error remains and in the simulation phase the severe Error is obtained. I already had an “alternative” schedule but I was trying to work with the seasonal component that is much easier to use, and that is a new component that I really appreciated.

Now I’ll open a new Issue on Github referring to this thread, thanks Abraham!


I apologize for being incredibly late to address this issue. Somehow, it fell through the cracks over the course of a busy week and I forgot to come back to it.

You are correct that there was a small bug in the seasonal schedule component. I just fixed and pushed the new version to the github:

Once you sync with the github, you should no longer experience the issue.

Don’t worry Chris, I love what you all do and I know you can’t possibly keep track of everything, so when I experience some issue I try to switch on other subject while I work on it and wait for an answer! Thanks for the fix, I’ll restart working on it as soon as I can! : )