Selectedskymtx keyerror

dear everyone:
selectedskymtx error as below:


Can you please share the weather file you’re using?

Rhino5, grasshopper0.9.76.0, ladybug0066honeybee0063 (379.1 KB)
CHN_Shaanxi.Xian.570360_CSWD.epw (1.7 MB)

It works fine at my end. Can you please try c:\ladybug as a default folder?

I was running normally before, and this problem occurred after the reinstallation.
My folder is C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug\Xian_Shaanxi_CHN_2005, Can you tell me how to change the folders in detail?

create a folder in the c drive named ladybug,
Copy the path to that folder.
Provide the path as an input to the defaultFolder_ input of the Ladybug_Ladybug Component.

Thank you for the detailed explanation.
I created the folder C:\Ladybug:\Xian_Shaanxi_CHN_2005.
But there is still a problem.

Thank you for your patience.

Please restart rhino + Gh and try this in a fresh file. You should not have two Ladybug_Ladybug components on the canvas.

Are you sure you have the GenCumulativeSky.exe in you computer?

Can you tell me where is GenCumulativeSky.exe file stored, please
Thanks for your help

Should be at the default folder.To check yours, connect a panel to the output item of the LB_LB.
Basically it should be downloaded the first time you used the CumulativeSky component, but maybe something went wrong.

I didn’t find it in the folder. I’ve just reinstalled L+H.
Where can I download it?
or what can I do to solve this problem

My path is not set right.
Is my file not Correct?

My mistake,
The file needed is gendaymtx.exe, which is in your path.

You can download gendaymtx from here.

Thank you!:grinning:

You are right!
The problem is gendaymtx.
I reinstalled radiance. The problem has been solved.
Thanks for your help!