Selecting air temperature result based on zone names

Hi all,

I wanted to make a LB monthly chart based on the air temperature I got from the energyplus simulation.
However, I could not find a way to separate the graph based on the zones name
For example, I have 4 zones: bedroom, bathroom, storage and living room, but the graph combined everything into one (picture below)

Is there a way to select the zone name then display it on the graph?

For example, when I select the room “storage”, the graph will only display the storage

Because the energyplus result comes out in 4 set (because there are 4 zones), I can just select one of them using the item list/ item selector, but the issue is that it only shows “hourly continuous data collection” for every item name.
I wanted to make it clear which zone it is.

I spent hours looking for a way but to no avail :confused:

Thank you all,


Take a look at this thread.


Thanks, Abraham!

Although, for some reason, it does not work for me even though I tried to replicate the code exactly as written

the python component got an error saying

  1. Solution exception:‘float’ object has no attribute ‘header’

And when I disconnect everything to the component, the python script said:

  1. Solution exception:iteration over non-sequence of type NoneType

I have attached the script that I use below (4.4 KB)

Thank you


You need to check further down into this post.

Yes, tried that one too but not working either.
The error appeared even before I connect the component to anything, so probably had something to do with the script.
No worries, I’ll try to make it work somehow

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction


Ah got it, it is working now!