Sensible & Latent load fraction input

I am trying to generate detailed equipment loads for each zone in a residence. Is there a way in Honeybee we can input the sensible & latent heat fraction for different equipment. As per my understanding energy plus only differentiate between a blender & electric kettle through max power drawn, schedule of operation and mechanism of heat transfer.

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Interesting question. An electric equipment’s contribution to the zone load is divided in three fractions. It appears you can define the fractions using aditionalsrings. Use the following object

Thanks @devang. Is there a direct option in Honeybee to set these fraction for each zone in a simpler way

Not that I am aware of

Hi @Asisnath,

it will be possible with Honeybee[+]. It seems to be not implemented in Honeybee Legacy as @devang told you.


@AntonelloDiNunzio that will be much helpful. Another walk around could be that exporting to openstudio and editing the loads there and re-simulating the modified OS file in honeybee.

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Absolutely, OpenStudio interface is very user friendly.

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I have installed Honeybee+ in Grasshopper and I couldn’t find any relevant component that I can use to modify fraction radiant. lost and latent. Could you please help me about this?

Hi @sunarywend,

you can find them under HB-energy/3::Loads



Looks like it’s not in Honeybee+ which I received from food4rhino website. I have search honeybee energy and have found some links to download it. But I have no clue how to install it. Looks like it’s not like when installing ladybugtools (Copy user object to the component folder). Could you please provide me link and guidance related to Honeybee installation?

Hi @sunarywend. You can check this post related to installation of new LBt.

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