Set ASHRAE Climate Zone in OS Model


Some OS measures require the Ashrae climate zone to set some parameters internally (in my case it relates to the configuration of Radiant ceiling panels).
Is there a way in HB to set the Ashrae Climate Zone to an OpenStudio model?

I have tried to load the Set Climate Zone from Weather Data measure in HB, but for some reason it throws an error.

Gh file and measures can be found here if needed.
Set Ashrae Climate (669.1 KB)


cc @chris

Thanks for reporting, @RafaelA .

That “Set ASHRAE Climate Zone” measure is a good sample for testing. It seems the honeybee-energy core library had a bug related to measures that don’t have any input arguments. I just pushed a fix:

… and you’ll can see that you can now load and apply that measure to your model:

FYI, make sure that you connect up this “Climate Zone” measure first so that it applies the climate zone before it runs your second measure.

Also, our CI is currently down so the fix won’t be available with the LB Versioner for a day or two.

Once again, thank you Chris :slight_smile:

NP! I’m happy to say that the CI is back up and you can now get the fix with the LB Versioner.