"Set EP Zone Construction" for interior walls?

I would like to assign constructions throughout a building, based on surface type.
I am trying the Set EP Zone Construction component, but it doesn’t seem to allow distinguishing between interior and exterior walls:

Is there a way to do this?

You can set that with te checkAdjacencies component (assuming you are using it).

Hi Abraham, do you mean the “altConstruction_” input of the “SolveAdjacencies” component? If so, how exactly do I use this? there are different types of adjecent surfaces (interior walls, air walls, ceilings, etc.) - how do I define all of that with just this one input? Do I just add a list of constructions and HB is clever enough to assign the right construction to the appropriate element?

Yes. This is what i meant.
If you have many internal surfaces materials (say, walls and floors) you have to solve the adjacencies in tandem. There are a couple of discussions here that you need to search for in order to see how to do that. Is not complicated but … (in short, is like solving floor by floor for the walls, and then all floors together for the floors/ceilings).

I see, thanks for that!

Check this discussion.