Set Series of Wind Speed with Wind Vector in Butterfly

I want to input a logarithmic wind profile onto the wind tunnel case. However, this seems to create many cases, instead of giving us a case and run the simulation with this wind profile. I have checked the forums previously asked question and have not found a related one coming up (for butterfly OPENFOAM CFD)

I attach a grasshopper screenshot for your reference of what I want to achieve.
Also, the wind speed input in this wind vector, is it gust wind or mean hourly wind speed?

Thank you!

this touches upon what you’re doing here.

I believe it should be the average wind velocity from the EPW data which is typically recorded at 10m off the ground. Butterfly uses the logarithmic wind profile. So if you are concerned about changing velocity with height, it is already taken care of for you.

Thanks for the answer

@devang is correct, you only need to pass the average wind velocity for your specific direction.

OpenFOAM takes care of creating the logarithmic profile automatically based on the input wind velocity at the specific selected height.

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@TheodorosGalanos Hi again - understood that Butterfly will calculate the logarithmic wind profile for me. However, the wind speed input should be based on one off the various return periods (3 second gust, 10 minute mean, mean hourly etc). I’m not sure which of these Butterfly uses for its calculation and the selection of the period will greatly change the calculated pressure.

That is entirely up to you. From the point of view of Butterfly this is simply a scalar. Which aggregate statistic to use is up to you and data availability ofc.