Set the shading schedule with Daysim/Honeybee


I am using Honeybee/Daysim to run an annual daylight simulation with a dynamic blind system. I have read that there are two methods to set the blinds schedules:

    1. When there are 50w/m2 on the window
    1. When there is more than 40% of the interior sensors that surpasses a certain illuminance threshold.

I think I figured out how to do the second option (see picures below)

But what about the first one? how can I set the exterior sensor to check for the 50W/m2 on the window?

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Hi Alejandro,

You should use Glare control recipe to introduce external sensor. There is a threshold that can be set in lux and not w/m2. I’m not sure where 50w/m2 comes from. You can read more here about shading controls in Daysim (

I believe there is an example file for setting up advanced dynamic shading modeling with Honeybee.

Hi Mostapha,

I was wondering if a correlation between daylight and cooling energy can be established using the dynamic shading recipe since the daysim components use illuminance values (in lux) as triggers and E+ takes radiation (W/m2) as trigger. I mean even if I take out a lighting schedule from UDI analysis, it will be difficult to get the corresponding change in my cooling energy use. Any thoughts on this? Please let me know if I have not made myself clear.



Hi Ram,

I am trying to simulate dynamic shading with radiation thresholds on the facade in order to couple it with lighting schedule, did you find a way to input thresholds in w/m2 for honeybee?



Hi Ata,

Do you want to run E+ simulation? If so, you can create shading using E+ shading creator component and set the control type. Although there is no radiation threshold as there is in E+.

If you want to run an Annual daylight simulation and want to simulate lighting sensors, you can create lighting control group using the component of same name and set a threshold. This component works on the basis of illuminance. So, there is a difference of metric. Once, the annual simulation is run, you can extract the lighting schedule and feed it in to your E+ simulation.

Hope this helps.

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Dear Ram

Thanks for your reply, this helps but I am not going to use the results in E+, I was thinking to run annual radiation on the facade and then create External shading schedule for daysim based on radiation thresholds. but I am not sure where to input External shading schedule in HoneyBee, Do you have any idea?

Hi Alejandro,

I’m also exploring the grasshopper recipe that is something similar to your second option. Do you still have your old files? Is that possible to share with me? Appreciate that so much if so.