Set up different HVAC templates for the two honeybee zones

Hi all, I would like to ask if honeybee energy can set different HVAC templates for different honeybee zones? Since most of the urban residential buildings are centrally heated, all rooms are heated in winter, however, only a few of them are cooled by split air conditioners in summer, I envision to achieve this by selecting different HVAC templates for different rooms, a gh example is built as shown in the picture below, is it possible to create it this way? Will there be any interference between the two HVAC systems?

In this case, attach the

  1. Window AC with baseboard gas boiler to rooms equipped for both cooling and heating
  2. Window AC with no heat for rooms equipped only for cooling and
  3. Baseboard gas boiler for rooms equipped only for heating.

You can achieve this by using the Item Selector component. Switch the item selector to the checklist mode and cluster the rooms to three categories. Assign room group to respective HVAC system and connect them all to HB model as example shown below.

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Thank you very much for your reply, it solved my problem perfectly!