Set up Electrochromic Glass as dynamic shading group (solved)

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I was wondering if there is a way to set up an electrochromic glass shading group for an annual daylight simulation. Right now I have two separate rad materials that define the two states I’d like my glass to be in. My issue is I don’t know how to set them as two separate shading states to put them into the shading recipe.




I figured it out. Nevermind

Hi John,

Here is an example: (451 KB)


That’s exactly how i set it up. Good to know I did the right thing. Thanks for getting back to me.


Take a look also at this example.


To clarify, the example file Abraham linked to is for electrochromic glazing in EnergyPlus while Mostapha’s example is for Daysim.

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I am trying to do a very similar thing as mentioned above. For clarity, would someone shed some light on this question:

  1. As we are creating shading states and these channel into ‘DS paramaters’ which channels into the’ Analysis Recipe’, is it still necessary that I pipe the glazing in question into the composite HBObjects or is that geometry accounted for when establishing the shading states?

  2. Somewhat related, if shading state 1 is 50% VLT and shading state 2 is 3%, is there a default shading state (i.e. a 3rd state)? If so, how does one establish this ‘default’ shading state? If not, are there only two conditions that the glazing will ever calculate - shading state 1 and 2?

  3. Referencing first image below, what state is the glazing in before 200 lux? Is my assumption then correct, that between 200 - 1000 lux, the glazing will be in shading State 1, and above 1000 lux it will be in shading state 2? what happens above 3000 lux?

I appreciate your feedback. I’m going to be creating an annual schedule profile to show how often and to what degree the EC glazing will be tinted. I ran a test mode (image 2) and it appears that there are 3 modes, the blue meaning totally opaque or totally transparent? Hoping the questions above will clarify.

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Hello! I want to do the same thing with Polarized glasses (similar to electrochromic) in Daysim but the reference file you posted is missing, is there any chance you have a similar or by any chance the same file? I am new in Grasshopper and been struggling, thank you very much