Set work's period of HVAC system



Hello everyone!
I’ve recently tried to set my HVAC system, to work for heating from 15 october to 15 april, and for cooling in the remain of the year, but everytime I have from the E+'s output that both working when they shouldn’t have to.
I’ve tried with “heat and cooling details”'s components, or with .csv schedule set with analysis period, but nothing.
In which way can I do this?
Thank you so much,

3D Nizza - Analisi (1.0 MB)


Have you tried to set the HVAC availability schedule?

I would check the set-points and set-points schedule for this case. You can run the model with no system and see if the indoor temperature falls outside of the set-points.


Thanks for your reply @mostapha,

I’ve tried to analyze the average air temperature at December,21, from 10 am to 8 pm in “hourly mode”, but the colored scheme in Rhyno’s view shows me the interval from 01 am to 11 pm; so it’s obviously that indoor temperature falls outside of the set point.
(I’ve seen that if I set 20 °C for each hours, the average air temperature is correctly 20 °C in every thermal zone).

About this, these are the schedules and relatives connections:

I’m sorry for my probable errors, but thanks for your help.