Set Zone Floor Area?

Hi all,

Quick question I’d been meaning to ask about for a bit…

With regards to the Zone properties, is there any reason why it would be bad practice to set a custom zone Floor Area in the ‘Zone’ IDF item?

for certain buildings (lets say tall bldgs in SD level analysis for instance) I think it’d be useful to be able to model a single mass and then just use this to set the floor area for all the occupancy, lighting, etc… But is that a bad idea for some reason?

I notice that the HB ‘Set Zone Properties’ component leaves out this parameter, yet does have inputs for things like Volume and Ceiling Height? I also noticed that there is already an attribute on the zone object seemingly ready for a Floor Area input (‘floorArea’)? :

and it seems like it could be set with a simple setattr() but just noodling around with it, while setattr() does seem to log the value on the zone class object, it doesn’t seem to pass along into the actual IDF?

So wondering if A) it would mess something up behind the scenes to set the zone floor area attribute like this, and B) is there a reason that this input is omitted as part of the ‘Set Zone Properties’ component? Is it bad form to use this IDF input for some reason?

Seems like it’d streamline some of the modeling I’m up to at the moment if it was an available parameter though…


Hello, I would like to know if you have been able to perform this step. And be able to determine the floor area.