Setpoint manager coldest

Good morning @MingboPeng

Thank you again for the help in my previous topic.

Now, I would like to ask you another question please: is the setpoint manager coldest available in ironbug?
My goal is to have a proper reset of the AHU supply temperature between winter and summer, therefore I would like to use the setpoint manager warmest to control the chilled water coil and the spm coldest for the heating water coil.

Unfortunately, I cannot find that component in the current version of ironbug.

Instead of that manager, I have tried the multizone heating average, but during summer and midseasons i am pretty confident I have some conflicts with the warmest spm.
This situation is probably one of the reasons that right now I have an high heating demand and a very low cooling demand: there are unnecessary heating requests due to the mismatch of the setpoints of the heating coil and the cooling coil placed afterward in the stream.

Also, it seems that in general the setpoints calculated with the warmest spm are higher than the ones determined with the heating average spm (both have the same equal min and max limits of temperatures).

Could you please provide that component please? Or a workaround to avoid this type of issue?

Hi @Umberto,

The setpoint manager coldest should be there in Version 0.0.15

@Erikbeeren Dear Erik, after a couple of downloads, I finally have the coldest setpoint manager! I don’t know why, my previous version of Ironbug missed a couple of components.

Thank you for helping me!