Setting a random set of input for simulation instead of iterating all the possible combinations

Hi all,

I have a problem with building a random set of inputs (testing set) and perform the simulation based on this random set of input automatically.

The problem is that I am relying on “Colibri Iterator” for doing iteration (simulation automation) process, however, this plugin requires me to first determine the fixed set of inputs and the combination of the inputs are hence also fixed (need to go through all the possible combinations of the original input, like the pic below shows). Even I randomized the input values beforehand, the combinations are still fixed.


Is it possible to generate a random combination of input, i.e. the number changes each time before it iterates (don’t have to run through all the possible combinations --> reduce number of simulation), as well as keeping the automatic iteration function of “Colibri iterator”?

Thank you.

Hi Ivanita,have you solved the problem? i meet the same question.

Hi @leemuzimiao You can use colibri to generate all possiable, then use Random Component to generate a random set. Or you can user octupus or wallxcei component to generate a random set.