Setting altConstraction Adjacencies to Glass

Hello everyone,

I need to find a way to set some of the internal walls to glazed or internal windows. As you can see from the picture I have four rooms, and they share walls A, B, C.

Let’s say that I want walls B, C glazed

I have created two .gh files, one tries to achieve that after baking the geometry and using it as surface (as was suggested here: Control over constructions for interior windows) and another one that I am trying to do it by setting the altConstraction to window (501.4 KB) (484.7 KB)

this is an example with simple geometry, but I intent on applying it to a relatively complex one, so the baking surfaces idea might not be the best solution.

(The final model will be used for radiance analysis and indoor temperature, assuming that either way won’t produce warnings in EP)

Thanks in advance!!