Setting of Adiabatic Boundary Condition

Hello Cris.

At first, thank you so much for developing very attracting tools, Ladybug & Honeybee.

I have some questions about the setting of adiabatic boundary conditions.
I’m now making a 5 stories building and want to set the boundary conditions of ceilings and floors as “Adiabatic” only between 2nd & 3rd floors and 3rd & 4th floors.
When I connect the HBZones of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors to the “solve adjacencies” component, then connect it to the “make adiabatic by type” component, honeybee recognizes the adiabatic boundary correctly. (1st Screen Capture)
But when I connect it to another “solve adjacencies” component with the HBZones of 1st and Top floors, honeybee recognizes all floors as a surface. (2nd Screen Capture)
The setting of “remove current adjacencies” at the second “solve adjacencies” component is “False”.

Could you give me some advice to set the boundary conditions correctly?

This is the second screen capture.

  1. Solve adjacency for upper two floors
  2. Solve adjacency for lower two floors
  3. Solve adjacency for upper, middle, and lower floors. Use “Adiabatic” at the altBC_ input of the Honeybee_Solve Adjacency component.
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Thanks for your rapid reply!