Setting the viewport I want 2D text to appear

Kia ora @chris

I have a (cheeky?) follow-on request to the New Fly component, vis sets, and capture images - #5 by MichaelDonn solution you posted recently.

The goal is to capture at least 2 graphs with parallel to the screen annotation using the Fly component, which your viewport specification for Visualisation Sets manages beautifully. I would like to have the same control over the 2Dtext component. In the following two graphs, I would like the perspective to show the R-values for the (simplistic) model, but I would like to add the Heating and Cooling EUi and total via 2DText above the Energy Balance Graph. At present, such annotation appears in both windows!

Thanks @MichaelDonn ,

This is a great suggestion and it only makes sense to have it now that we also have the viewport_ option on the Visualization Set component. I just added it here:

Now you can limit the 2D text to be in a specific viewport: