Setting up Batch runs in Pollination

Hello all,

I need to run 30 options with varying R-values for roof. walls etc. x 9 locations. Is there a way to set that up using Pollination? That would help me offload the runs without taxing my current laptop which is quite basic. Alternatively if I want to setup 30 E+ runs can I batch upload all IDFs to Pollination ? Please point me to any available examples.



In terms of your question, the answer is that Pollination Cloud is very well suited for this kind of work!If you’d like to get the results of a better discussion about Pollination, perhaps you should post here.

I’m not quite sure if you’ve used pollination, but I think you only need to create 30 different HB Models with all these variables you’re talking about at the same time, then all you need to do is enter them in order.


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Hi @RD, Yes. What @ZhengrongTao said. If you post it to Pollination Discourse I can help you with an example.

OK I will post on that forum. Thank you both