** Severe ** CheckConvexity: Surface=“Zone_0_SRF_1” is non-planar

Dear All,
Could you help me with this error?
The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** Check Convexity: Surface=“Zone_0_SRF_1” is non-planar.
Knowing that I used the same file from Chris Mackey course.

Seems to be difficult to say without a file.
Seems that the component expects a planar surface. Just guessing

final.gh (584.5 KB)

SYR_HM_Hamah.400300_TMYx.rar (241.1 KB)

I really recommend just using the LBT 1.3 plugin. These types of errors have been practically eradicated over there.

I updated my tools to 1.3 put still the same error
final31-12-2021.gh (578.5 KB)
could you check it please

No, it’s still legacy. Remember that the LBT components are completely separate from the Legacy ones and, if you are using the latest version, the Legacy and LBT components are in separate Grasshopper tabs.