Shade benefit and analysis

Hi, guys!

Recently I 'm study on the shading benefit script , and here are some questions .
When using shade generator to crate shading ,failed to collect the cooling load and heating load data into next step .But I turn off the heating schedule,don’t know if that bother or not.
The other question is when analysis shading efficiency ,does any component could calculate the area been shaded or choose the best efficient intervals?
thanks in advance.

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Hi @borui,

Because it doesn’t recognize dataType results in detail HVAC simulation.
You can change the name of dataType only for cooling and heating like this:

Also, you provided location to north_ input! It accepts only a number between 0 and 360 or a vector to set a direction.
Check Hydra example. (726.3 KB)

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Hi, dear @OmidmRashidi :
Thanks for suggestion and I checked the example file as well. Seems the problem is on data connection.
But after I change the data Type into recognized one,it’s still can’t work though !
Hope to hear your advice again!
Thanks !

@borui, you need to specify the zone name in dataType, “Cooling Load for Office” and “Heating Load for Office
You can also use Ladybug_Create LB Header component.

Hi, @OmidmRashidi
Sorry to bother you again . Since I modified the datatype into zoneData1_ the output part still can’t recognize anything… But it’s weird that Window beam energy data could work directly without change the subtitle

Check this: (721.9 KB)

So many thanks to @OmidmRashidi,
After I download San Francisco whether file and it do work!
I found that my regional epw. file may have problem ,even change the title still can’t distinguish the same location or not.
Would you mind take a look on my epw file?
I’ll be appreciate :slight_smile:
466920TAIPEITM3.epw (1.4 MB)

Thanks @OmidmRashidi , for helping out @borui !

I wanted to add that the shade benefit workflow is really intended to be used with ideal air loads simulations (as in the original hydra example). In such ideal air loads cases, your energy benefit analysis is comparing the heat removed from the zone by the mechanical system against the heat that is added by the system, which is conceptually pretty clean. When you run it with a detailed HVAC system, you are probably comparing heating fuel energy against cooling electric energy, which is still ok but is a bit messier conceptually since, depending on how the electricity was generated, it might be better or worse than an equivalent unit of fuel. All that I am suggesting is that you may want to bring the heating/cooling energy to a state that they are the same type of energy in order to do a fair comparison. For example, you could multiply the electricity by a conversion factor to source energy, converting everything to kg of CO2, or going all of the way to calculating emergy.

Your EPW seems good. Are you saying it works for the DoE San Francisco file but not your own?

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Hi, Chris
Thanks for describing the shade benefit in detail and made it easier to understand !
And yes ,don’t know why It couldn’t work on my epw file by changing the title .